Final Frontier Şarkı Sözü

Eyl 27th, 2014

Hey, hey Ren, hey check this out loc
hey man I’ve been hearing a gang of niggas
talking a whole lot of unnecessary bullshit man,
what if one of ’em trick ass niggas
come at you the wrong way loc’?

[MC Ren] I’ll beat a niggaz ass on the trick just for the hell of it

there the motherfuckin piece of pussy there’s no tell of it
I don’t give a damn I’ll beat a nigga like he’s stole somethinand then I’ll let the motherfucker know where Ren is comin from
I’m from Compton everybody’s on the wagon
I’m looking for niggaz that’s thinkinthat they’re the shit, that’s who I’m tagginNever asking questions I just go right in and do it
And if you’re thinkin that you can fuck with Ren
you bitch already blew it
Like I said before, fools want up in my shoes

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