Faith Evans – Tru Love

Mar 22nd, 2014

When we spend time talking on the phone
Cause when we’re not around each other
We don’t wanna to be alone
It’s true love, love, love, love
Don’t you know that it’s good to be in love, love, love, love
Just belive me truthfully cause
Is never ever makin you cry
Before I tell you a lie
I’ll give you my life
Cause thats true love

[Verse 2:] Now when the love is right
Somehow you just know
Because you hold it tight
And you don’t want to let it go
And it’s so deep inside of you that
You just can’t take it cause it
Fills up your heart
And you just,
You can’t replace it oh no
Somebody’s makin love
Non-stop tonight
And they can’t make enough
I know what it feels like
Grab your lover by the hand
Say that you understand
How love really works

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