Faith Evans – Love Can’t Hide

Mar 21st, 2014

Am I wrong for love that’s been lost and found
Looking for someone to make the claim, oh tell me
Why am I an example of heart turned cold
Looking for someone to take the blame, won’t nobody take it for me baby
Reflections of your silhouette at the corners of my bed
I try to close my eyes and go to sleep, still I see you in my dream

Chorus x2
Bop ba da ba da
Bop ba da ba da
Bop ba da ba da

Bop ba da ba da
Bop ba da ba da
Bop ba da ba da
The pain inside
(ad libs)

Are my dreams of love a mirage of paradise
As the weeks turn to months
And so many sleepless nights
For the day I pray my tears will wipe away
You’ll hold me in your loving arms always

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