Kizz My Black Azz Şarkı Sözü

Eyl 30th, 2014

You kiss my black ass because you sucked my dick off
My balls are fallin out of your mouth when you cough
This is for the people in the business, the people in the streets
And most of all it’s to the wack muthafuckas with wack beats
Fools on the streets wish they was in my shoes
Cause every day they wake up, they see me on the news
I’m hittin number one the first week that I’m released
And my muthafuckin business and my bank account increase
Bitches ride the poke and niggas ride the sack

So I guess that you can say they’re both caught in the impact
Niggas in my neighborhood ain’t about nothin
The po’ broke muthafuckas think I owe em something
But I don’t owe em shit but a ‘what’s up’ for a hello
And ask for a job, the answer is, “Hell no”
Go back to the corner with your brew and be angry
Cause lookin at me crazy, that shit ain’t gonna change me
But some of them are cool, and they know who they are
The ones that used to kick it with me when I couldn’t afford a car

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