I Don’t Give A Damn Şarkı Sözü

Eyl 27th, 2014

Who wanna step into the room?
Where that nigga Ren be at, makin’ shit that’s phat
‘Cause in ’95 I gotta hustle for yo ass
Droppin’ shit like in the past
Rated double X, you in trouble when I hex
Niggaz that be actin’ like hoes of the opposite sex

‘Cause fool I’m a soldier with a regiment
10,000 niggaz marchin’ to your residence
Fuck the president and his red, white, and blue
I never leave a clue with the shit that I do
Sport the black 80, creepin’ with the flashlight
Comin’ with this phat shit just last night
The mad scientist from the center of the Earth
Droppin’ crazy shit whenever I drop a verse
Niggaz in a rage, wanna see me in a cage
But um, I cocked the gauge when the ink hits the page
Fuck a grammy show and your mammy so now
What the fuck ya gonna do when I bust out the zoo

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