Hounddogz Şarkı Sözü

Eyl 27th, 2014

The year is 87Back in the 12th grade G
When I used to hang with CH to the IP hangin’ in the halls
Tryin’ to get the young bitches ridin’ my ballz
We got dissed cuz we were jog’ and kept to ourself shyo
Because it’s all about self
We used to try to get the number and the name
But back then – they wanted mothafuckaz in the dope game

We used to try to fuck with ho’s

In our graduatin’ class there was no woman givin’ up the ass
We go to a dance, we see ho’s rollin’ eyes on my crew,
But what the fuck can I do?
They would’nt even give a nigga like me a chance thou [why?] Because my feet was my transport
You ax ’em to dance they start to riff
And on the way home niggaz never gave us a lift
But now the tables turned around
Every mothafucka and his mom would wanna be down

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