Deadly Şarkı Sözü

Eyl 27th, 2014

for my niggas and my bitches, what’s crackinIt’s John Doe in this mothafucker, what’s really goin’ on
I’m all good, we about to hit you mothafuckers up side the head
with that real gangster, money hungry, street shit
you know what I’m sayin, fuck y’all, what’s up Ren

we duck and dodge you mothafuckers, attack when we need to
Compton still the shit, still up in your grill
you’re gettin’ fucked by a legend, tell how do it feel
as I caress the Mic, shoot my sperm and dice
y’all can still kiss my ass, ass black as the night
gay niggas on the Mic, is all barkin’ no bite
Black Revolutionary, that’s my title
While these stupid niggas wanna be American Idols

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